Clare McArdle



Ranked as one of the top producing Century 21 agents in Canada and a consistent top producer specializing in recreational and vacation homes, Clare has proven to be one of the Bow Valley’s most valuable assets when looking to buy or sell their home. Her dedication, determination and customer loyalty has been evolving since she was very young, being exposed to similar successes through her mother’s involvement in the industry.

Her first introduction into the world real estate was when her mother would have Clare assist with delivering flyers, accompany her on showings or print off and organize condominium documents. The first big opportunity came to Clare when her mom hired her as a show suite hostess for the duration of her extended holiday.

It became clear to Clare that she was born to in this business. Not only the exposure to the industry at a young age but the natural passion for helping people buy and sell their homes, (starting new beginnings, new opportunities and the relationships formed from this)

Clare soon advanced to specialize in exclusive developer sales focusing on downtown Edmonton restoration projects. After successfully selling out 3 separate developments, she decided to become a licensed agent in 2003.

Shortly after getting her real estate licence in Alberta, Clare moved to British Columbia to pursue an offered a sales position by luxury resort developer, Intrawest. Throughout her time at Intrawest, there was a great emphasis on sales training which helped her to develop the scientific knowledge when dealing with vacation, resort and recreation real estate sales, and to understand the difference when dealing with urban real estate sales. Due to Clare’s success and a new career direction, she was hired by numerous developers to consult on projects and pass along her training to their various sales teams.

After many years in Canmore Clare has dedicated both her focus and passion towards helping people live their dream in the Bow Valley. Her depth in knowledge when dealing with the local market, history and trends have proven to be valuable for delivering precise advice, direction and results.


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